JAZO for access and ventilation of technical areas

"Danger of death, high voltage" Technical areas have special requirements regarding access and ventilation. JAZO Zevenaar bv specializes in shielding, access and ventilation of all sorts of technical areas.

For architects

Technical requirements and aesthetics are subjects which often do not match. JAZO offers architects a helping hand by providing solutions that combine the desired shape with the required functionality. Continuous line patterns are increasingly being used as a facade solution. This contributes to the creation of very fine lattice facades for protection and ventilation of technical areas.

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For contractors & installers

JAZO provides with its total package the complete access and ventilation of your technical areas. After expert advice on ventilation, detailing and assembly we start the production using prefabricated elements. Naturally these products meet the regulations of the utility companies, as well as others. JAZO doors and ventilation systems are frequently tested to meet the latest requirements in terms of fire-, burglary- and noise protection.

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