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Technical areas are essential for the proper functioning of buildings. The requirements for screening, access and ventilation in a technical room depend on the function. For a room with a gas installation, a completely different design is required than for a transformer room or a server room.

Because we develop, produce and assemble ourselves, we stand for safety, continuity and sustainability. With our products and extensive expertise in the field of fire safety and burglary resistance, we guarantee processes and functionalities of high-quality installations. So that energy actually produces energy.

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Technical requirements and aesthetics are subjects that regularly differ widely. JAZO offers architects a helping hand with solutions that combine the desired shape with the necessary functionality. Continuous lines are increasingly emerging as a facade solution, applied in the creation of very attractive grid facades for screening and ventilation of technical rooms.

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With a total package, JAZO provides the complete access and ventilation of your technical rooms. After advice on ventilation method, detailing and assembly, the prefab elements are produced in-house. Naturally, these products meet the regulations of, among others, the utility companies. JAZO doors and ventilation grilles are frequently tested according to the latest requirements for fire, burglary and soundproofing.

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