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Private Label

Private Label

As an innovative specialist in shielding, access and safety of technical areas, we facilitate safety, continuity and sustainability in the broadest sense of the word. That is our motivation and that is what we stand for at JAZO. In addition to our doors, facades, grilles or floor hatches, we have much more to offer. With our modern machinery, knowledge of projects and production management, we are also very active in supply. This enables us to develop products for you, make prototypes and produce large series. All projects that make us happy together. What exactly do we do? We will explain it to you based on a number of projects and products that we have delivered for a number of our customers.


Electric charging points; Nowadays this is being used more and more. But it is not only the means of transport that continue to innovate and improve. This is also the case at the charging points. We were allowed to redesign the current products for one of our customers. The steel has been replaced by aluminum and the design has gone from industrial to designer. In addition, we can now weld on a welding robot and we have standardized the electronics with our partner. This has created a simpler and more robust system. The result? From a few wall boxes as 0 series, to hundreds per year.


Electric vehicles have become an indispensable part of the street scene. Our customer responds to this and supplies vehicles for city distribution or passenger transport at an airport. Our share? We take care of the sheet metal work, where we not only cut the parts but also bend and weld them. This creates complete chassis and superstructure for doors and loading platforms. Through intensive collaboration, the design has changed considerably over the years. Various parts have been made suitable for welding on the robot and the design is continuously improved to produce smarter or simplify the assembly process.


Time to light the BBQ, because as soon as the weather gets nice, the sales of the spitring will be booming! Not surprising, because it is the attribute that transforms the ceramic barbecue into a complete rotisserie oven. Together with the customer, we came up with the current design from a blank sheet of paper. And this is a success, because we now produce more than a hundred rings every week. Our flexible production management allows us to easily respond to market demand. For example, we produce 400 pieces per week during busy periods and can easily scale down when demand is less. This way our customer can always deliver. And because we pack the spit ring in a box developed for this purpose - with supplied materials such as a spit and motor - the customer is really optimally relieved.

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