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Energy distribution station

Energy distribution station


Making technology function for what it is intended. That is only possible when everything has really been thought of. Properly shielding technical areas - including ventilation and fire and burglar resistance - is part of this. We provide complete shielding, access and ventilation of these spaces. We do this by providing good advice and not losing sight of details, producing everything in-house. Only in this way can the technology continue to function as intended for decades without any problems.

  • Total solution: from pre-engineering to installation and service
  • Assured of the necessary certifications
  • Order faster and cheaper via our webshop
  • Always meet the requirements of energy companies
  • 10 year warranty on the functionalities of our products
  • Responsible entrepreneurship through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • People, environment and continuity in balance through our CO2 Footprint
  • Financial reliability

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Applications for every technical room

We have everything you need under one roof. Whether it concerns doors and ventilation grilles for a substation, control station or switching station. JAZO has a suitable solution for every situation. We have been developing specific solutions for technical areas of energy companies for more than 60 years. Thanks to these collaborations, we know exactly what the requirements are and we have all the necessary certifications. This way you can be sure that your project meets the requirements for, for example, fire resistance and burglary resistance.

Order your standardized products cheaper and faster via the webshop

At JAZO we make standardized products that meet all the requirements of the energy company. This way we can keep the investment low, we are flexible in delivery times due to stock and we can really make progress on the energy transition. Do you want to order the products quickly and cheaply? Then use our webshop. But that is not everything. We also deliver orders via the webshop faster. Enough benefits for you!

Quality and long lifespan assured

JAZO offers guarantees for constant and optimal quality, safety, excellent working conditions, environmentally friendly business processes and products. And we can demonstrate this through a broad framework of certified products and processes. This includes KOMO certificates, CE marking and our Safety Culture Ladder – step 2. You can view all our certifications here!

Sustainability and circularity are also of paramount importance to us, so that we can guarantee a long lifespan for our products. The advantage? Less maintenance and logistical movements at, for example, a substation. And with a ten-year warranty on the functionality of our products.

Financially reliable

We are a financially healthy family business with a 60-year history of good payment agreements. This is reflected in our payment rating of 9.0 assessed by Graydon.

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