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Water resistance

Water resistance


Technische ruimtes zijn essentieel voor het goed functioneren van gebouwen. Het goed afschermen van deze ruimtes, zodat de techniek optimaal zijn werk kan doen is enorm belangrijk. En met onze uitgebreide expertise op het gebied van waterkerendheid helpt JAZO je hier graag bij!


Of course, you should not imagine that the entire building will be without power due to rain, for example, in a technical room. Because electricity and water do not mix, you want to prevent storms and rain from reaching the electrical wiring and machines in your technical room. JAZO knows how to handle this.

JAZO offers the solution with water-retaining doors and ventilation grilles that comply with the Dutch and European standard NEN-EN 13030:2001. We have a suitable door and/or ventilation grille for every situation that meets all prescribed requirements. It is not without reason that we have been a partner of many energy companies and contractors in the Netherlands for many years.


We like to provide solutions that not only make us happy, but also make you happy. In this way, together we arrive at the most ideal solution, suitable for the situation. Do you want a single or double door? A horizontal or vertical grid? No problem! Just like many other options that are possible.

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JAZO supplies water-retaining doors and ventilation grilles that comply with the Dutch and European standard NEN-EN 13030:2001. This standard specifies a method for measuring the water repellency of ventilation grilles exposed to simulated rain and wind pressure.

Our water-retaining ventilation grilles are designed to restrict the passage of water during rainfall and at the same time allow air to pass into or out of a technical room of a building. Because the doors and ventilation grilles are used in a wide range of locations, environments and uses, it is extra important that the test procedure simulates all conditions. And this is the case with the test of the NEN-EN 13030:2001 standard. The test is provided with heavy rainfall aimed at the grid surface with simulated wind pressure.


The extent to which a ventilation grille is waterproof and water-resistant can only be determined by testing. The Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) is a leading independent research institute in Europe in the field of waterproofing testing of building products.

During testing, a rain impact of 75 liters/hour at a wind speed of 13m/s is simulated. The amount of water that enters through the door or ventilation grilles determines which class is assigned to a door or grille:

                           Waterproofness (in %)
à Class A         100 – 99%

à Class B         98,9 – 95%

à Class C         94,9 – 80%

à Class D         < 80%


Thanks to the expertise of our employees, we can offer the most suitable schedule for your situation. Vertical grille vanes, for example, provide a completely new perspective on water resistance. The vertical ventilation grilles score even better in the BSRIA water resistance tests. So do you want to get the most out of your ventilation grille with regard to water resistance? Then place the grille vertically instead of horizontally. This means you retain even more water!

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