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JAZO Zevenaar contributes to a sustainable energy project in Purmerend
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JAZO Zevenaar contributes to a sustainable energy project in Purmerend

At JAZO we are proud of our contribution to innovative projects that shape the sustainable future. On behalf of G. van der Ven BV, we recently produced, supplied and installed doors and ventilation grilles for energy distribution stations on a bus transferium. Read on to discover more about our contribution to this project.

The energy distribution station is part of a bus depot designed for electric buses. With a growing focus on sustainability, electric buses play a crucial role in reducing the environmental impact of public transport. These buses are charged during the day with power from solar panels, allowing them to be used efficiently at night.


We played a crucial role in this project on behalf of G. van der Ven BV. We not only produced and supplied the doors, but also ensured professional installation. A total of 9 doors have been installed, of which 8 are aluminum double doors and one aluminum single door. The choice of high-quality aluminum not only emphasizes the sustainability of the project but also the quality and safety of the delivered products.

To ensure optimal operation of the energy distribution station, we have installed aluminum safety ventilation grilles type HS-50R on and above the double doors. These grilles contribute to efficient ventilation, which is crucial for the proper functioning of the equipment inside the station. The single door is also equipped with HS-50R safety ventilation grilles.


Through this project, JAZO has played an active role in facilitating the electric mobility of tomorrow. The energy distribution station is a crucial part of the charging network for electric buses, with which JAZO supports a sustainable future.

JAZO Zevenaar is proud of its contribution to this innovative project and remains committed to high-quality products that not only meet today's requirements but also match the sustainable goals of the future. But we stand for quality, sustainability and reliability not only in our products and services, but also in our trading activities. Want to read more about this? Take a look at our sustainability report.


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