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Safety with JAZO grilles
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Safety with JAZO grilles

When it comes to safety, JAZO goes beyond the usual standards. With our commitment to innovation and craftsmanship, we not only offer standard solutions, but we go a step further to meet your safety needs. This project in Nijmegen is an excellent example of this.

JAZO has demonstrated its craftsmanship by producing and installing hybrid grilles of the HF-66/66 type. What makes these grilles unique is the combination of a steel frame with an aluminum grille. This smart synergy not only offers affordable safety, but also a harmonious facade appearance.

A unique composition for maximum safety

The hybrid grilles consist of a steel frame combined with an aluminum grille. Stainless steel burglar-resistant cassettes are mounted behind the grilles, which adds an extra layer of protection and security. The whole meets the burglary resistance class WK-3, which means that it can withstand serious burglary attempts. These added layers of protection are essential for situations where safety is of the utmost importance. Whether it concerns prisons, detention centers, government buildings or other institutions, we offer solutions that meet these safety standards.

A versatile solution

In addition to safety, the grilles also offer practical advantages. They are water-resistant and flame-retardant, making them suitable for various conditions and locations. In addition, the grilles are low-maintenance, vandal-resistant and drain condensation. With a durable pre-treatment in the RAL color 6014, our grilles not only contribute to a safe environment, but also to an aesthetically attractive appearance. This shows that safety and design can go hand in hand.

Your partner in safety

Do you have an issue in which safety plays a crucial role? Then JAZO is the partner you are looking for. Our expertise and experience enable us to offer tailor-made solutions for burglar resistance, but also fire resistance and/or explosion hazard. Discover our options!

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