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Transformer Doors

Transformer Doors

JAZO specializes in the consulting, engineering and manufacturing of transformer doors. We maintain close contacts with the power companies to keep abreast of the latest safety requirements. These requirements are defined in the program of requirements of the respective power company. We are also happy to help you combine these requirements with constructional aspects such as fire resistance, burglar resistance and soundproofing.

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JAZO transformer doors are manufactured from both (corten) steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Often the transformer door must be equipped with ventilation grids to properly ventilate the space. Depending on the installed power and the power company JAZO recommends the type of ventilation grille and the required dimensions. JAZO will also properly apply other safety features such as grounding, mouse proofing, penetration safety, (drifting) snow, rain and sand resistance.

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Our webshop includes various transformer doors that have already been given type approval by the power companies. All transformer doors and facades are supplied with KOMO certificate and CE marking. They are often used in high, medium and low voltage areas, transformer stations, switching stations and prefab enclosures. In addition, JAZO offers complete facade solutions allowing clusters of technical spaces to match the aesthetic design of the architect. Our sales specialists will be happy to help you with your questions and requirements.

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