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Transformation of Leyenburg Shopping Center
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Transformation of Leyenburg Shopping Center

The outdated Leyenburg shopping center has undergone a remarkable transformation. JAZO has been able to contribute to breathing new life into the shopping center. The building has been transformed into a modern and hospitable environment for shopping, meeting and staying. Our expertise in shielding, access and ventilation has played a crucial role in optimizing the technical areas in the shopping center. We'll catch you up!

The redesigned shopping center required not only modern facades and public spaces, but also expansion of technical facilities. This is where JAZO came into the picture. We contributed to the realization of these technical areas by supplying and installing high-quality shielding, access and ventilation.


We supplied and installed an aluminum single door for the transformer room that complies with the regulations of Network Manager Kenter. This door is equipped with aluminum safety ventilation grilles of the HS-42R type. In the adjacent purchasing area we installed a comparable aluminum door that met the requirements of grid operator Stedin. Aluminum safety ventilation grilles type HS-42R were also placed on this door. Strikingly enough, the door to the purchasing area does not ventilate, but this subtle difference is not visible from the outside. This ensures a seamless and harmonious appearance of the facade. Both rooms were equipped with galvanized steel floor hatches, including steps and wall brackets.


The use of sustainable materials was a crucial aspect of the modern Leyenburg Shopping Center project. In line with the modern approach to this project, we at JAZO have placed a strong emphasis on the use of sustainable materials.

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