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Sand resistance

Sand resistance


Technical rooms are essential for the proper functioning of buildings. Properly shielding these areas so that the technology can do its work optimally is extremely important. And with our extensive expertise in the field of sand resistance, JAZO is happy to help you with this!


Do you need a door or grille in an environment with a lot of sand and dust? Then JAZO offers the solution, because our ventilation grilles have been tested for their sand-resistant properties. And best of all, no concessions are made in terms of ease of use. That gives you a safe feeling, right?

With our sand-resistant doors and ventilation grilles we comply with the Dutch and European standard NEN-EN 13030: 2001. This means we have a suitable door and/or ventilation grille for every situation that meets all prescribed requirements. It is not without reason that we have been a partner of many energy companies and contractors in the Netherlands for many years.


We like to provide solutions that not only make us happy, but also make you happy. In this way, together we arrive at the most ideal solution, suitable for the situation. Do you want a single or double door? Horizontal or vertical grilles? No problem! Just like many other options that are possible.

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JAZO supplies sand-resistant doors and ventilation grilles that comply with the Dutch and European standard NEN-EN 13181:2001. This standard specifies a method for measuring the sand repellency of ventilation grilles exposed to simulated sand with inlet air flowing through the grilles under test. The purpose of the tests included in this European Standard is as follows:

a) Effectiveness of sand rejection
Determining the sand trap effectiveness when exposed to different air flow rates through the whole.

b) Printing requirements
Determining the air pressure loss.


The extent to which ventilation grilles are sand-resistant can only be determined by testing. The Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) is a leading independent research institute in Europe in the field of sand tightness testing of construction products.

During testing, a sand impact of 1 Kg of test sand at an air flow speed of 20-25 m/s is simulated. In addition to the simulated wind and sand, air is drawn through the grille at a range of velocities (0, 05, 1.3, 2.0, 2.8, and 3.5 m/s, or the maximum achievable). Finally, the fans are kept running for another 5 minutes after the sand delivery.

The rejected sand in the grid and in the area in front of the grid is collected, weighed and recorded. The resulting percentages show how sand-resistant the slat is. This result is demonstrated with percentages of effectiveness. If a ventilation grille has repelled 0.98 Kg of sand, this means that the grille has a sand-repellent effectiveness of 98%.


Thanks to the expertise of our employees, we can offer the most suitable schedule for your situation. Vertical grille vanes, for example, provide a completely new view of sand barrier. The vertical ventilation grilles score even better in the BSRIA sand resistance tests. So do you want to get the most out of your ventilation grille with regard to sand resistance? Then place the grille vertically instead of horizontally. And if that's not enough, we also offer an extra filter cassette that can be placed behind the ventilation grille. This will hold back even more sand!

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