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PRET (English = fun) stands for positive, respectful, enthusiastic and teamwork. Creator Pascal Bos gives lectures to inspire you with his PRET Policy. The purpose of PRET is to achieve better results by collaboration on all levels within the organisation. This contributes to the best products, the best results and the best return. PRET focuses on people, our most valuable asset!


Telefoon: 0316 592911


  • We start from the power of positive energy
  • We are open and honest in our thinking and acting
  • We receive and give feedback
  • We call each other to negative behavior


  • We rely on each other's expertise
  • We respect each other's good and bad qualities
  • We treat each other with respect
  • We treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves
  • We are allowed to make mistakes as long as we can learn something


  • We motivate each other and encourage each other
  • We are willing to show extra effort
  • We dare to take decisions and responsibility


  • Together we can achieve more than every man for himself
  • We want to work together and seek collaboration
  • We help and support each other
  • We take joint responsibility


The goal is to achieve better results through cooperation at all levels of the organization; the best products, the best results and the best returns. At PRET, people are at the center, our most precious asset!

PRET rules of conduct feel like a matter of course. Everyone will adhere to them and encourage others to do the same. The developed PRET behavior policy puts the employee first and is inseparable from the JAZO corporate philosophy.

It earned JAZO the title "Smartest company in the Netherlands" in 2010. It also inspired Ben Kuiken to capture the story in a book. The title of the book is quite appropriately the PRET factor (Kuiken, 2014).

  • Kuiken, B. (2014) The Fun Factor, Why fun at work works better. Publisher Haystack Zaltbommel. (ISBN: 9789461261052)

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