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Heat: Installation room (e.g. DWAS, IWAS, WOS)

Heat: Installation room (e.g. DWAS, IWAS, WOS)

JAZO: guaranteed security for sustainable and reliable shielding, access and ventilation of installation areas

With a view to sustainably heating homes and buildings, Heat Distribution Station (WOS) or Indirect Heat Delivery Station (IWAS) are indispensable. In order for the equipment to do its job properly, shielding the stations is crucial. In the event of a failure, entire neighborhoods or areas can suddenly be left without heating. You want to prevent that. Always. By ensuring shielding, access, ventilation and fire and burglary resistance are in order, you prevent technology failure. We are happy to help you with that at JAZO. And because we have been collaborating with energy suppliers for years, we know exactly which requirements the products must meet. In this way we prevent equipment failure together.

  • Always comply with current international standards and the latest generic and specific requirements of grid operators
  • The right door, ventilation grilles, explosion panels and associated products for every technical room
  • Solutions for fire, burglary and dust resistance. Optional sound insulation
  • Products available in any desired color and finish
  • The correct certifications including KOMO and CE quality mark

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The JAZO concept - Everything under one roof

JAZO has been the specialist in shielding, access and ventilation of technical rooms for more than sixty years. With us you will find everything under one roof. From Engineering, feasibility analyses, production, coating, assembly and mounting: we are there for you. What can we help you with?

  • Total solution: from sales, pre-engineering to installation
  • Certainty through scientific calculations
  • 10 year warranty on the functionalities of our products
  • Solutions for new construction and renovation

You can order products for LS and MS rooms quickly and cheaply via the webshop

Specific wishes and requirements? Because we design, produce and assemble ourselves, customization is no problem at all. But if we can standardize, we would rather opt for that. This keeps your investment low. And the best part? You can order these products quickly and cheaply via our webshop. You can find all your orders and save your calculations in your own digital account. And if that's not enough, we also deliver orders via the webshop faster!

Quality assured by certifications

We always aim for the best quality. We continue to develop continuously and are at the forefront of innovations and certifications. With numerous product, process and company certifications you are assured of constant and optimal quality. We also test our products internally with various tests. This way we leave nothing to chance.

  • KOMO certificates
  • CE marking
  • ISO 14001 and 9001 certified for 25 years
  • Safety Culture Ladder - Step 2
  • People, environment and continuity in balance through our CO2 footprint

Functionality and design go hand-in-hand

Functional, safe and meeting the very latest requirements; that is what you can expect from our products and services. But we also like to look further by leaving our mark on iconic facades, where functionality and breathtaking architecture go hand in hand. And where ventilation grilles, for example, completely blend in with the design and appearance of the building. Discover the possibilities!

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