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Mission Vision


JAZO Zevenaar bv is an innovative specialist in shielding, access and ventilation of technical areas. JAZO facilitates the safety, continuity and sustainability of these areas and their associated processes. As a result we contribute to the highest possible reliability of energy for society.

Taking into account the dynamics of not only the developments in the energy sector, but also the labor market and legal requirements, we ensure an optimum performance of our supply chain of consulting, sales, production and assembly by our all under one roof concept. Sustainable products and services are technical well invented and go beyond the average lifespan of buildings.

JAZO's products and services as well as our trading activities are associated with quality, durability and reliability.


JAZO Zevenaar bv aims to become an important and decisive organization for shielding, access and ventilation of technical areas throughout Northwest Europe. With its products and services JAZO wishes to contribute proactively to the most reliable network in which energy transitions occur.

JAZO continues to invest in an environment and atmosphere in which people come in FLOW. This results in technical innovation. Talent is continuously stimulated by investing in training and JAZO's behavior based on the PRET policy is inextricably linked to the business philosophy.

JAZO meets the growing needs of customers and governments regarding scientific solutions. JAZO will continue to innovate its products in a scientific way to continue and guarantee the quality, durability and reliability demanded by its customers.

JAZO beliefs social issues offer more opportunities than threats and CSR should be rooted in all business activities.

CSR Ambition

Inspired by the internationally accepted standard ISO 26000 JAZO has formulated its ambitions regarding the Corporate Social Responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility for us is not a pretty story, but a matter of taking action! CSR is taking responsibility through innovation and innovative power, but it is also being flexible in responding to new developments and achieving sustainable return on investments

JAZO in combination with CSR stands for:


Supporting and developing initiatives to make people more involved in society.Support for social innovation based on our PRET behavior policy.Creating a safe, healthy and respectful work environment. • Create opportunities and provide people, including those who require additional attention. • Encouraging and increasing independence and autonomy. • Development and promotion of small initiatives, often near.


• To support innovative technologies and social innovation. • Awareness of our impact on the environment and act accordingly. • Investing in environmentally friendly production processes.Development of long-life products, fully recyclable.


Sustainable cooperation with companies within the chain.Fair dealing with respect for values.Continuous improvement and innovation.

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