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Holiday Inn Express Hotel in Amsterdam
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Holiday Inn Express Hotel in Amsterdam

One of the largest hotels in the Netherlands is located on the corner of the Gedempt Hamerkanaal and the Motorkade in Amsterdam. The new Holiday Inn Express hotel has no fewer than 14 floors and is approximately 45 meters high. At the bottom of the hotel there is a restaurant, workplaces, meeting rooms and a parking garage. An impressive and imposing structure, with a piece of JAZO. We were allowed to take care of the doors/fronts and cladding.


The facade of the Holiday Inn Express hotel has insulated facades, covered with lines-36 surface-mounted grilles and facade cladding from JAZO. Rik Bosman, engineer at JAZO, has been involved in this project from the start. “The project was carried out for Slavenburg Bouw BV and the collaboration actually went very smoothly. The only challenge was the requirements for the insulation of the doors. It was important that Slavenburg Bouw BV could install the insulation itself afterwards. Our products therefore had to fit in well with this.”


The project is equipped with insulated doors and facade cladding from JAZO. Many connections have been made for facilities for the hotel. This gives them the opportunity to place products themselves later. An example is the two penetrations for the dry extinguishing pipe to which the fire hoses can be connected. “It was very important that these penetrations were all at the right height and had the correct size,” says Rik.
And JAZO also knew what to do with last-minute changes. Initially, Slavenburg Bouw BV had requested silver fittings, but after seeing the entire building, the customer preferred to give the fittings the same color as the facade. “This was not a problem for us. We took the fittings back with us and sprayed them in gold look (alu gold) in our own paint shop. This made the appearance of the building even more beautiful. And for the customer this was the icing on the cake!” says Rik.


By offering a combination of doors/fronts and facade cladding, we have arrived at a solution that completely matches the unique appearance of the building. The doors were ultimately aligned and fitted in such a way that they appear to blend in with the building. So the Holiday Inn Express hotel was very satisfied!


This project was completed at the end of 2019. It appears that many steps have now been taken within JAZO. At that time, our insulated facades were still supplied by an external supplier. Since January 2020, JAZO has been able to produce and supply insulated doors itself through the acquisition of sister company Metalbau Kaiser.


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