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Cruquius Amsterdam
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Cruquius Amsterdam

Cruquius Amsterdam: mouth-wateringly beautiful

More and more impressive apartments and town homes are appearing at the beautiful Entrepothaven, on the city island of Cruquius in East Amsterdam. A new district where the rich history of the port area merges with modern luxury. You feel the connection with the water everywhere. Also with Cruquius 2.1; a very special building that has a clear relationship with the water. The building is shaped around the water on the southwest side. JAZO played a major role in the realization of this project. We'll catch you up!


Transforming a traditionally industrial area into a mouth-watering living and working area; it resulted in unique buildings. This also applies to Cruquius 2.1; a light and modern 'terraced building' that 'climbs' from seven to fifteen floors. The iconic building determines the skyline of Cruquius Island and we were able to roll up our sleeves to make it happen. A building that stands out requires doors and ventilation grilles that are not only functional, but also match the appearance of the building. By exploring the possibilities together with the customer, we quickly came up with a great solution. So let's get started!


Grilles that are not visible from the outside of the building. Is that possible? Of course! The HS-50 grilles and HD-50 facade cladding - consisting of horizontal blades with both ventilating and non-ventilating parts - are processed in such a way that they completely blend in with the facade. The result? A facade that looks extremely sleek! In addition, the facade is equipped with different types of doors for a boiler room, gas cupboard and transformer rooms. In addition to the ventilating door, the boiler room is also equipped with an explosion hatch. When you talk about functional and beautiful!

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