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ALU SINGLE DOOR HS-42R 630KVA (R) - Ventilated
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ALU SINGLE DOOR HS-42R 630KVA (R) - Ventilated

Article number: JZLI-19424

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An aluminum single door for a configuration AC5-A up to 630kVA. Indoor transformer room in accordance with the regulations of grid operator Liander. Composed of an aluminum P-frame, frame size 1256x2570mm (WxH) with a total door daylight size of 1152x2466mm (WxH) and an aluminum surface-mounted grille type HS-42R. The door has a gross area of 20,704 cm² / net 8,695 cm² and opens outwards on the right.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Frame size: 1256x2570mm (wxh)
  • Total door daylight size: 1152x2466mm (wxh)
  • Weight: 94 KG
  • Burglary resistant: No
  • Fire resistant: No
  • Gross passage: 20,704 cm²
  • Net passage: 8,695 cm²

Door is equipped with:

  • Lock: NEMEF 1533 K5
    Suitable for a single-sided 17mm Euro profile cylinder
  • Seizure:
    Outside fittings: Key bowl + cover
    Interior fittings: No fittings
  • JAZO integrated handle
  • Plastic cover: Yes
  • Panic function: N/A
  • Push bar: N/A
  • Door holder: Stainless steel door holder
  • Earthing: M8 incl. earth wire 25mm² (1233mm OK frame)
  • Door position limiter: Nylon door position limiter
  • Thieves Claws: Yes
  • Frame mounting: Stainless steel wood screw Ø6x80
  • Door closer: N/A
  • Sill: As frame style

Rain impact resistant, snow and dust resistant, sand resistant, puncture resistant, flame retardant, mouse proof, maintenance free, one metallic unit for earthing, vandal resistant and condensation draining.

Drawing number JAZO: AD42472
Liander drawing: 19424

Surface treatment:
Equipped with a sustainable, environmentally friendly pre-treatment. Powder coating in RAL color of your choice. The warranty period is 5 years (only valid with correct compliance with the maintenance instructions) with corrosion class C2 according to ISO 12944-2.

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Features Wert
Pitch 48 [mm]
Build-in depth 45 [mm]
Drag coefficient in 39.20
Drag coefficient out 41.21
Nettflow 42 [%]
pressure loss according to EFD.Pro
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