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JAZO MOB 120 RAL - Cavity wall grille
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JAZO MOB 120 RAL - Cavity wall grille

Article number: ST00740R

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A stainless steel wall grille for cavity wall ventilation with dimensions 220x120 mm (wxh). The grille has a net ventilation passage of approximately 80cm². Due to its size, the grille can replace 2 Waal size bricks and thus ensures that the cavity wall is ventilated. Pests such as mice and insects also have no chance to enter the room. Fastening can be done by bending the anchors or by means of a screw. See drawing for further detail.


• Material: stainless steel

• Dimensions: 220x120x60mm

• Weight (kg): 0.63

• Drawing no: ST00740

Surface treatment

Powder coating with corrosion class C3 in RAL color of your choice.

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