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JAZO FLOOR HATCH 800 AGV - Floor hatch with gas spring
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JAZO FLOOR HATCH 800 AGV - Floor hatch with gas spring

Article number: ST41881

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The JAZO FLOOR HATCH 800 AGV is an aluminum floor hatch with a steel rim of 840x840mm including hinges and gas spring for a manhole with an opening of 800x800mm. The hatch is made of a checker plate (5/6.5 mm) with anti-slip function and equipped with a handle, gas pressure spring and recessed hinges. The edging is equipped with anchors and is poured into the concrete finishing floor. The hatch meets the requirements set by grid operators in the areas of safety, ease of operation and load.


  • Material: Aluminum/steel
  • Dimensions (lxwxh): 1040x1040x124mm
  • Weight: 19.75kg
  • daylight size: 800x800mm
  • Load: 150kg
  • Fire resistant: No
  • Handle: Yes
  • Hinged: Yes
  • Gas spring: Yes
  • Securing hook: No
  • Aardlitze: Yes
  • JAZO Drawing no: ST41881

Surface treatment

Galvanized steel, untreated aluminum.

See drawing for further detail. Technical information is included under downloads. Underlying construction: Concrete floor not for JAZO delivery.

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