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JAZO for architects

JAZO for architects


A building where functionality and design seem to be fused. JAZO reaches out to architects with solutions that combine the desired shape of the facade with necessary functionality. Explore the possibilities!


There is no need to explain that special façade panels enhance the architecture of a building. They create dynamics and playful lines, resulting in an iconic façade. But there is more!

With JAZO functionality and design go side by side. That is because of our beautiful grille facades that provide perfect shielding and ventilation of technology areas. The result? A stunning facade that combines refined architecture with functionality. 


Energy that produces energy is what makes our hearts beat faster at JAZO. And that is made possible by the numerous possibilities of JAZO's horizontal (HD) and vertical design (VD) cladding. Each door or grill is gracefully incorporated into the design. But that's not all!

JAZO supplies, in addition to non-insulated systems, insulated frames with sandwich panels or with insulated glass. This way all functionalities come together in one facade design, manufactured by one partner. 


Would you like an even better impression of our JAZO cladding? Then simply contact us and ask for our presentation kit! Filled with:

  • Example profiles of JAZO cladding
  • Brochure explaining the different installation methods

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Robert Gruben
Robert Gruben
Business development manager
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