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Ventilation covers

Ventilation covers

The safety ventilation type D (roof ventilation cover) is specially designed for natural or mechanical ventilation of enclosured utilities (electricity, gas and telecommunications) or other spaces where (roof) ventilation is required.

Functional properties

Rainproof, (drifting) snow and dust repellent, puncture safe, fire-extinguishing, condensate draining, mouse proof, maintenance-free, completely serving a metallic grounding and vandal resistant, making people, animals, equipment and machines optimally protected.

System construction

The JAZO roof caps are normally constructed from HS-27 safety ventilation louvers, which are connected to each other through a welded miter angle or a tubular construction at the location of the corners. Optionally, HS-42 or HS-50 safety ventilation louvers can be applied. Type D is easy to assemble.

Type D

  • Type 400; net pass of 1,600 cm²
  • Type 500; net pass of 2,500 cm²
  • Type 600; net pass of 3,600 cm²

Other dimensions on request.


  • Aluminum
  • Iron/Inox
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