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The Hague Sewage Station Morsestraat
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The Hague Sewage Station Morsestraat

Sewage station Morsestraat is one of the fourteen sewage stations that ensures transport of wastewater from households and businesses within The Hague to the wastewater treatment plants of Delfland. There the water is purified before it is discharged into the sea. During the renovation the superstructure has been completely renewed and the old substructure largely retained and reused.


JAZO provided a large number of louver facades for various technical areas of the pumping station, including transformer doors for Joulz. The HS-42 louvers covers the design with clean lines. The use of two colors, also makes it playful.


VBK Hoorn has worked three years to renew and expand this pumping station, which is now one of the largest in the Netherlands. JAZO also helped by finding a specific solution for the louvers of the large folding doors.


It is now one of the largest, if not the largest pumping station in the Netherlands.

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