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Rotterdam Maasvlakte2
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Rotterdam Maasvlakte2

Keeping sand and water from the Maasvlakte2, a major challenge for the infrastructure of the Stedin Ring network, but also for the newly built container terminals of APM and RWG. They all have to cope with the fine sand which is sweeping across the plain. JAZO provides the necessary ventilation in combination with optimal sand resistance.


The assignement, keeping sand and water out of the transformer areas. JAZO's VS-41 air vents are tested and certified by BSRIA UK. Testing in accordance with EN 13181:2001 provide a clear comparison.


Along with Stedin, Dura Vermeer and Kropman Installation the VS-41 vents have been frequently used. The gained knowledge is also used in the sand resisting doors for Maasvlakte2.


Vertical vanes of the JAZO VS-41 grids give a whole new perspective on sand and water resistance. No ventilation grid provides better results in resisting sand and water.

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