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Pontkade at the NDSM site is an up-and-coming neighbourhood in Amsterdam-North, providing a link between the industrial past and the vibrant future. From the 1920s to the 1980s, the NDSM site was one of the largest shipyards in the world. But now it has been transformed into a place to live. For real city dwellers, who like a rough edge.

Pontkade is a project in which each part has its own architecture and facade material. What the components have in common is the raw and rugged character of the shipyard and the functional architecture that fits in with the industrially efficient logic of the place. A precise facade design and at the same time a balance between all parts. And JAZO has contributed to this. For this wonderful project we were allowed to supply and install the doors, ventilation grills and cladding. We are happy to update you!


Theo Scholten, JAZO project manager, says: "In this project all JAZO's features of shielding, access and ventilation come together. Both the materials (aluminium and steel) and the functionalities, such as fire resistance and burglar resistance. And the best part is that from the outside you cannot see which elements are fire or burglar resistant."

With a large project such as Pontkade Amsterdam, there are several stakeholders involved to make the project a success. "The 12 speed gates in the north-east facade of the building are clad with JAZO grilles. The grills are integrated in the tube frame of the speed gate supplier. In order to coordinate this properly, there was a great deal of consultation with both the contractor and the supplier, so that the dimensions were perfectly in line," explains Theo.

"The challenge in the inner garden was mainly in the grille facades adjacent to the stairs. There are a number of height differences that had to be taken into account, and here too, parts of the grating walls had to be ventilating, fire-resistant and/or burglar-resistant. A lot of drawing work was required to ensure that everything ran smoothly, but the result has turned out beautifully."


Together with all the collaborating stakeholders, we explored the possibilities. Besides being functional, our doors and ventilation grilles also have to be attractive and blend in with the building as a whole. With much consultation, we arrived at beautiful solutions that suited all the stakeholders. And partly due to Theo Scholten and the good cooperation with various parties, Pontkade was declared one of the ten most beautiful projects built in Amsterdam in the past year!


You can find our products on different sides of the building. In this project, different types of doors/windows, ventilation grills and facade cladding are used, some elements of which are fire and/or burglar resistant.

The entrances to the parking facility are located on the north-east façade of the building. The speed gates are fully clad with JAZO grills and this design flows beautifully into the surrounding facade elements. In the courtyard garden, various facades/doors, ventilation grills and cladding have been installed, which even continue in the design of the staircase.


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