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Apeldoorn Randerode
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Apeldoorn Randerode

A large part of nursing home Randerode has been transformed into a rehabilitation and recovery hotel. An assignement by Zorggroep Apeldoorn.


MTB Architecten Apeldoorn has stripped the entire building. Only a part of the facade and the supporting structure are maintained. The existing bricks are plastered and a large part is packed with a bronze colored louver facade. Herewith it meets the desire to achieve a natural look. These louvers have an aesthetic and a functional purpose (partly as a sunscreen).


JAZO delivered and mounted the louver facades including 7 aluminum frames type P. In order to create a whole, these frames are fitted with louvers so the door is flush with the front louver facades. The facade is a DucoWall classic W50Z/30°/75 with color Anodic Bronze.


The building is characterized by a strict pattern of pillars and beams.

MTB Architecten Apeldoorn
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