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Amsterdam Central Station
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Amsterdam Central Station

In the near future, the second busiest station in the Netherlands will carry nearly 300.000 passengers a day. The continuous increase in passenger numbers calls for major renovationsThe Amsterdam Central Station, opened in 1889 with only 300 passengers a day, is ready for a makeover.


The present time imposes new demands which must be met, such as security, a fluid passage of people and escape routes. Maintaining the building to its former glory is an additional challenge. Due to clean grid lines and beautiful finishing details the grid wall of nearly 88 meters is incorporated into the facade.


Behind the grid facade, which seems to be a whole, different products are used . Behind the steel, aluminum doors and ventilation louvers fire-resistant cassettes are applied. As a result, transformer rooms, NSA spaces and car parks are shielded.


The new station forms a bridge between the old city and the urbanized water landscape of the 'IJ'

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