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HS-42 fire resistant build-up louver
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HS-42 fire resistant build-up louver

Article number: 1291

The aluminium safety ventilation louvres type HS (High Safety) are specially designed for natural ventilation of, among other things, transformer rooms and gas rooms. The eight structure consists of a steel with a stainless steel fire-resistant cassette. The whole is delivered with a fire resistance class E120 EW60 * according to NEN-EN 1634-1. The size in width and height is virtually unlimited. Ask us about the possibilities

Properties of the louvre:
• rain protection free according to specification
• (dust) snow and dust / sand resistant according to specification
• safe-proof
• mouse-tight
• maintenance-free
• ground completely
• vandal-proof and condensate-draining

As a result, people, animals, equipment and machines are optimally protected.

The JAZO ventilation louvre type HS consists of a frame and single horizontal blades , with a leak sill. Each blade is welded to the front and / or rear in the frame, creating a metallic whole that meets the requirements for the grounding of technical areas. One earth-litze is sufficient.

There are various types of framing profiles and frame for a variety of mounting options. This makes it possible to assemble in every architectural detail

Features Wert
Pitch 48 [mm]
Build-in depth 45 [mm]
Drag coefficient in 39.20
Drag coefficient out 41.21
Nettflow 42 [%]
pressure loss according to EFD.Pro
V in/out (m/s) effectiveness (%)
0,00 90,00
0.00 90.00
0,50 75,00
0.50 75.00
1,30 41,00
1.30 41.00
2,00 23,70
2.00 23.70
2,80 11,60
2.80 11.60
sandblasting according to NEN-EN 13181: 2001, BSRIA
V in/out (m/s) rain
0,50 A
0.50 A
1,00 A
1.00 A
1,50 C
1.50 C
2,00 D
2.00 D
2,50 D
2.50 D
rain penetration classes according to NEN-EN 13030, BSRIA
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