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HJ-44 aluminium
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HJ-44 aluminium

Article number: 1006

The type HJ (Horizontal Jalousie) ventilation louvre is used in technical areas such as emergency power generator (UPS), combined heat and power (CHP), machine rooms, boiler houses and compressor buildings, with special requirements for air flow, low air resistance and rain resistance.


  • vandal-proof
  • water-retaining
  • low maintenance and one metallic unit for grounding

The JAZO ventilation louvre type HJ consists of a frame and single horizontal blades , with a leak sill. Each blade is welded to the front and / or rear in the frame, creating a metallic whole that meets the requirements for the grounding of technical areas. There are various types of framing profiles and frame for a variety of mounting options. This makes it possible to assemble in every architectural detail.

Pressure loss

Pressure loss

EFD simulation

EFD simulation
Features Wert
Pitch 48 [mm]
Build-in depth 45 [mm]
Drag coefficient in 19.71
Drag coefficient out 15.67
Nettflow 44 [%]
pressure loss according to EFD.Pro
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