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Alu. HS-42R muurrooster beugel voorzijde
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Alu. HS-42R muurrooster beugel voorzijde

Article number: WSA10364

Assembly service

Our craftsmen assemble the products on site so that you are assured of a perfect end result.

Before we start assembling, we first come to the construction site to view the situation and measure everything again.

In the shopping cart you can indicate that you want to use the assembly service.

The aluminum safety ventilation grilles type HS (High Safety) are specially designed for natural ventilation of transformer rooms and gas rooms.


  • rain impact free
  • (dust) snow and dust resistant
  • sand resistant
  • puncture proof
  • ​flame-extinguishing
  • mouse-tight
  • maintenance free
  • one metallic whole for grounding
  • vandal resistant and condensation draining

As a result, people, animals, equipment and machines are optimally protected.

The JAZO ventilation grille type HS consists of a rim (frame) and single horizontal blades (blades), with a drip sill. Each blade is welded at the rear, creating a single metallic whole that meets the requirements set for the grounding of technical areas. One ground wire is enough.

Features Wert
Pitch 36 [mm]
Build-in depth var [mm]
Drag coefficient in 62.6
Drag coefficient out 83.6
Nettflow 27.7 [%]
pressure loss according to EFD.Pro
V in/out (m/s) effectiveness (%)
0.00 94.00
0.50 84.00
1.30 72.00
2.00 43.00
2.80 21.00
sandblasting according to NEN-EN 13181: 2001, BSRIA
V in/out (m/s) rain
0.50 A
1.00 B
1.50 D
2.00 D
2.50 D
rain penetration classes according to NEN-EN 13030, BSRIA
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