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Article number: WSA10019

DGS G30Z NP Configure online

DucoGrille Solid G 30Z is a built-in wall diffuser made of extruded aluminium profiles. The 'stackable' slats ensure a unique strength. By default, the louvre F1 is technically anodised. The louvre size to be specified is the size of the back of the louvre. For installation you need to keep 5mm around adjustable space (see attachment)

The 'Z' shaped slat ensures a sleek design. For other specifications, please refer to the appendices.

Features Wert
Pitch 37.5 [mm]
Build-in depth 35 [mm]
Drag coefficient in 0
Drag coefficient out 0
Nettflow 0 [%]
pressure loss according to EFD.Pro
V in/out (m/s) rain
0,50 B
1,00 C
1,50 C
2,00 D
2,50 D
rain penetration classes according to NEN-EN 13030, BSRIA
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