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JAZO COMPACT 350 R - door with Basic grille
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JAZO COMPACT 350 R - door with Basic grille

Article number: AD46544

Assembly service

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Before we start assembling, we first come to the construction site to view the situation and measure everything again.

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JAZO COMPACT 350 R - door with Basic grille

A door for Liander substations. Composed of an aluminum P-frame size 1274x2404mm (wxh) and aluminum plank door with daylight size 1170x2300mm (wxh). DIN R (clockwise rotation). A Basic 27 KL grille is mounted at the bottom of the door with a net cross section of approx. 350 cm². Includes RC-2 features and polyurethane foam infill in the door/panel.

Door is equipped with:

  • Overlay deadbolt lock NEMEF 1531 K5 with possibility to lock from the inside, suitable for a 17mm euro profile cylinder
  • Compro Escape Push bar
  • Cylinder: Single sided 17mm euro profile cylinder (not for JAZO delivery). Outer side extended 30mm, cylinder center at 1060.5mm from the bottom of the door
  • Installing building cylinder by JAZO, keying alike with all other JAZO doors
  • Door fittings: AMI security fittings: outside: cylinder rosette with core pulling protection and anti-step handle, inside: Ivana handle 42598-01 on the inside of the door
  • Stainless steel door retainer
  • Nylon door position limiter
  • Warning sign Danger to life Voltage
  • Warning sign Do not extinguish with water
  • Earthing M8 incl. flexible earth wire 25mm² (at 200mm from the bottom of the frame)
  • Thief claws
  • Ventilation grille HS-27R with net grille surface of approx. 350cm2.
  • For mounting frame: stainless steel wood screws with corresponding plugs Ø6x80mm
  • Color kit around P-frame: black

Surface treatment Aluminum:

Sustainable environmentally friendly chemical pre-treatment. Powder coating in RAL color of your choice with corrosion class C4 according to ISO 12944-2. The warranty period on this is 10 years (only valid if the maintenance instructions are followed correctly).

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