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Single door purchasing space 1256x3000
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Single door purchasing space 1256x3000

Article number: JZLI-19431-P1

Aluminum P-frame, dimensions frame WxH 1256x3000 mm, with aluminum door including provisions according to Liander regulations. The whole is baked in a standard RAL color.

Liander drawing: 19431
JAZO drawing: AD42745-P1
JAZO article number: JZLI-19431-P1

Door purchasing area is provided with:
- Conclusion: KFV EP960D (lev. JAZO)
suitable for 17mm euro profile cylinder
- Panic opener KFV EPN 900 IV
- Cylinder: single-sided 17mm euro profile cylinder
(not for lev. JAZO)
outside unaffected
heart cylinder 1133mm OK door
- Install a construction cylinder by JAZO
- Fittings: AMI security fittings (lev. JAZO)
outside: -
inside: no fittings
- Stainless steel door retainer Ø13
- HS warning sticker
- Earthing M8 incl. Earth-lit 25mm² (1233mm OK frame)
- Nylon door position limiter
- Theft claws
- Frame attachment: Stainless steel Wood screw Ø6x80

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