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Outline drawing Liander 19445
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Outline drawing Liander 19445

Article number: 1299

Enclosed in the downloads you will find the overview of the standard front panels prescribed by Liander. JAZO has based approved drawings on the basis of this overview drawing that you can find in the webshop. The outline drawing (19430) is indicated per room "see also text No. 19XXX". If you search on this drawing number (top right) on the JAZO site you will find the right place for that space.

As indicated on the overview drawing, the pia measurements are indicative, as is the facade layout. JAZO has already determined the right implementation for you, after which the approval process will soon take place at Liander.

Also included in the downloads is the conversion of net passage, according to the Schedule of Requirements in the indoor low-voltage and medium-voltage space, to the gross louvre area required.

Liander up to 1000 kVA AVP ; drawing 19434
Liander up to 1000 kVA AVP A`dam ; drawing 19435
Liander purchasing space ; drawings 19440, 19441 and 19442

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