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Liander up to 2x2000 kVA Right
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Liander up to 2x2000 kVA Right

Article number: JZLI-19427

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Pui for indoor transformer station up to 2x2000 kVA configuration AC6 Liander. Wicket door on the right

Liander drawing: 19427
JAZO drawing: AD42867
JAZO item number: JZLI-19427

Wicket door is equipped with:
- Slot: NEMEF 1533 K5 (lev. JAZO)
suitable for 17mm euro profile cylinder
- Compro Escape Push bar
- Cylinder: single-sided 17mm Euro profile cylinder
(not for lev. JAZO)
outside extended by 35mm
heart cylinder 1133.5mm OK door
- Fittings: (for lev. JAZO)
outside: key cup with integrated handle
inside: no fittings
- Plastic cover
- Stainless steel door holder Ø13
- HS warning sign
- Earthing M8 incl. Earth wire 25mm² (1233mm OK frame)
- Nylon door position limiter
- Security claws
- Fixing frame: stainless steel wood screw Ø6x80
Fixed door is equipped with:
- Side slide
- Stainless steel door holder Ø13
- Nylon door position limiter
- Earthing M8 incl. Earth wire 25mm² (1233mm OK frame)
- Security claws

Pressure loss

Pressure loss

EFD simulation

EFD simulation
Features Wert
Pitch 59.5 [mm]
Build-in depth 66.5 [mm]
Drag coefficient in 26.19
Drag coefficient out 30.97
Nettflow 50 [%]
pressure loss according to EFD.Pro
V in/out (m/s) effectiveness (%)
0,00 88,00
0.00 88.00
0,50 74,00
0.50 74.00
1,30 40,00
1.30 40.00
2,00 17,00
2.00 17.00
2,80 9,00
2.80 9.00
sandblasting according to NEN-EN 13181: 2001, BSRIA
V in/out (m/s) rain
0,50 A
0.50 A
1,00 A
1.00 A
1,50 B
1.50 B
2,00 D
2.00 D
2,50 D
2.50 D
rain penetration classes according to NEN-EN 13030, BSRIA
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