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Enkele deur inkoopruimte 1256x2404 Rechts
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Enkele deur inkoopruimte 1256x2404 Rechts

Article number: JZLI-2-19163-R

Aluminum P-frame, frame dimension bxh 1256x2404 mm, with aluminium door including provisions according to Liander regulations. The whole is enamelled in a standard RAL color.

Liander drawings: 19440, 19441 and 19442
JAZO drawing: AD45654
JAZO article number: JZLI-2-19163-R

Door is provided with:
- Slot: NEMEF 1533 K5 (not for JAZO)
suitable for 17mm Euro profile cylinder
- Compro Escape Push rod
- Cylinder: single sided 17mm Euro profile cylinder
(not for JAZO)
outside 20mm extended
heart cylinder 1060.5mm OK door
- Batter: NO BATTERY (not for JAZO)
outside: -
inside: no attachment
- JAZO Handle
- Plastic cover
- Stainless steel door locker Ø13
- Warning sticker HS
- Earthing M8 incl. Earth light 25mm² (1233mm OK frame)
- Nylon door position limiter
- Thieves claws
- Ventilation slots at the top and bottom
- Fixing frame: stainless steel Ø6x80 wood screw
- The door is provided with ventilation slots with a net passage of approx. 312cm2.

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