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Type P Explosion panel
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Type P Explosion panel

Article number: 1200

Aluminum frame type P size W x H 1977 x 796 mm with aluminium explosion panel fitted with Compro-ERM and Compro-Save82 burglar proof cassete.

JAZO Explosion panels can only be used in walls.

The hatches are equipped with a Compro-ERM module (Explosion Release Mechanism) which ensures that the panel opens at a predetermined overpressure on the inside of the panel. After a possible explosion, the certified breaking modules in the Compro-ERM must be checked and possibly replaced. The panel closes after the explosion and will not fragment.

The panel must be kept clear of obstacles on the inside and outside. The panels will remain closed under high wind pressure and wind suction and are available in aluminium, steel and stainless steel. They can be delivered as a loose panel with a border or as part of a wall. The calculation for the required dimensions and opening pressure must be carried out or verified by an expert engineer.

In addition, the following versions are possible:

Minimum size: bxh 1000x656 mm
Maximum size bxh 3000x1456 mm
Opening pressure: On request, standard 5 mbar, 7 mbar, 10 mbar
Burglary resistance class: RC2, RC3, RC4 or none
Fire resistance: EW 30, 60, 90 minutes (Type Compro F)
Insulation (heat / sound): On request
Ventilation: As a panel with ventilation or as a louvre part
Applicable standards:

NEN-EN 1991-1-7: 2006 / A1: 2014
NEN-EN 1634
NEN-EN 1628, 1629, 1630
NEN 5096

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