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Enexis type 3 switch space customer station
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Enexis type 3 switch space customer station

Article number: JZEN-3-L

Assembly service

Our craftsmen assemble the products on site so that you are assured of a perfect end result.

Before we start assembling, we first come to the construction site to view the situation and measure everything again.

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Facade for switching space customer station MS-D 630 kVA to 1750kVA Enexis.

Direction of rotation DIN Left outward turning.

Enexis drawing: Type 3.
JAZO drawing: ST40275
JAZO article number: JZEN-3-L

Fire-resistant door meets the fire resistance class E120 EW60 in accordance with NEN-EN 1634-1.

Door is provided with:
- Lock: Forster 917908 with panic function (JAZO)
suitable for 17mm Euro profile cylinder
- Cylinder: (not for JAZO)
single sided 17mm Euro profile cylinder
5mm extended
heart cylinder 958mm OK door
- Fittings: (for JAZO)
exterior: AMI safety fittings
(fixed button on outside shield)
inside: AMI safety fittings
(stool fixed on the inside shield)
- Nylon door position limiter
- Door closer Dorma TS-83
- Earthing M8 incl. Earth-light 25mm² (1040mm OK frame)

Warning sticker Enexis is delivered and assembled by Enexis.

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