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WOS station type 1 and 2 + outlet grille
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WOS station type 1 and 2 + outlet grille

Article number: JZVA-WOS12-LR

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Aluminum frame type P size wxh 1004x2404 mm with aluminum single door. Door including multi-point lock (anti-panic function on the handle) with associated fittings, further according to Vattenfall heat regulations. An aluminum safety ventilation grille type HS-27-R is installed at the bottom of the door (ventilation passage net approx. 500 cm2) and is provided with a coulisse damper type CD 43/200 on the inside. Stage damper is made of untreated sendzimir galvanized steel.

The door is equipped with PU strips. Including provisions for burglar-resistance class WK-2.

Directional rotation DIN LInks rotating outwards

Day size 900x2300 mm

Identification plate and sign not for JAZO delivery.

According to drawing AD46053


Including supplied separately.

Aluminum safety ventilation grille type HS-27-R (outlet net approx.

Grille is provided with an aluminum plenum at the rear with a Ø 250mm hole for flexible hose connection.


Surface treatment Aluminum.

Sustainable environmentally friendly chemical pre-treatment.
Stoving in standard RAL color, System 7: 5 year warranty, 1-layer polyester powder coating 90 µm.
Aggressive load (coastal or industrial area).


The above product is a standard item. (Size) changes have price consequences.

Door is equipped with:
- Lock: KFV EP960E (lev. JAZO)
suitable for 17mm euro profile cylinder
- Cylinder: single-sided 17mm euro profile cylinder
(not for lev. JAZO)
outside unaffected
heart cylinder 999mm OK door
- Install a construction cylinder by JAZO
- Fittings: AMI security fittings (lev. JAZO)
outside: fixed button on the outside shield
inside: rotating stool on blind inner shield
- Stainless steel door retainer Ø13
- M8 earthing connection point (300 mm OK frame)
- Nylon door position limiter
- Theft claws
- Urban heat sign (not before lev. JAZO)
- Frame attachment: Stainless steel Wood screw Ø6x100

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