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Type P false grating door HF-66/66
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Type P false grating door HF-66/66

Article number: 1122

Geen afbeelding

The JAZO false louvre is used in façade situations where no or little ventilation is required, while ventilation louvres are used elsewhere in the building. By keeping the appearance of the false louvre equal to the functionally used ventilation louvre, an aesthetically pleasing façade is created with a surprising design.

Due to the relatively strong material thickness (2 mm), wall coverings that are vandal resistant can also be used in aluminium.

Because different variations in material and hinges and locks are possible, various requirements and wishes can be met.

- Burglary-resistant
- Sound-proofing
- Panic function
- Single and double versions
- As part of complete (false) louvre facades

Features Wert
Pitch 59.5 [mm]
Build-in depth 66.5 [mm]
Nettflow 0 [%]
pressure loss according to EFD.Pro
V in/out (m/s) effectiveness (%)
0,00 100,00
0.00 100.00
0,50 100,00
0.50 100.00
1,30 100,00
1.30 100.00
2,00 100,00
2.00 100.00
2,80 100,00
2.80 100.00
sandblasting according to NEN-EN 13181: 2001, BSRIA
V in/out (m/s) rain
0,50 A
0.50 A
1,00 A
1.00 A
1,50 A
1.50 A
2,00 A
2.00 A
2,50 A
2.50 A
rain penetration classes according to NEN-EN 13030, BSRIA
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