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Compro-F louver door HS-27
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Compro-F louver door HS-27

Article number: 1081

The Compro-F is made up of Foster Presto frame and door profiles. This system offers the possibility to meet various fire, burglary and sound-proofing requirements with different configurations of hinges and locks and door fillings.

The combinations tested with the JAZO air vents and fire resistant cassettes create the possibility to ventilate your room through the doors. This often finds application in, for example, training rooms and UPS spaces that are located, for example, in parking garages.

Additional requirements from the louvre operators may also require increased fire resistance.

JAZO manufactures doors with a WBDBO of 60 - 135 minutes according to NEN 6069.

The possibility of placing panic functions and access control systems is also provided.

In addition to fire-resistant doors, JAZO has also realized a fire-resistant cassette that makes it possible to carry out louvres for 60 minutes in a fire-resistant manner. This makes it possible to meet the high fire resistance requirements even if the product has to be ventilated.

Because JAZO also supplies burglar-resistant doors, the combination of burglary and fire resistance is also a possibility.

JAZO only supplies fire-resistant doors and louvres made from profile systems that have been tested at accredited laboratories such as SKG, TNO and Peutz.

EFD simulation

EFD simulation

Pressure loss

Pressure loss
Features Wert
Pitch 36 [mm]
Build-in depth 25 [mm]
Drag coefficient in 97.6
Drag coefficient out 110.7
Nettflow 27 [%]
pressure loss according to EFD.Pro
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