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Type P aluminum door 1256x2570 to 250 kVA L
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Type P aluminum door 1256x2570 to 250 kVA L

Article number: JZJOU-250KVA-L

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For a 250 kVA transformer room.

Aluminum frame type P dimensions wxh 1256x2570 mm with an aluminum single door in accordance with regulations energy company Joulz. An aluminum safety ventilation grille type HS-27-R is mounted on the door.

Gross passage 15,600 cm² / net 4,200 cm².

Direction of rotation DIN Left outward rotation.

Drawing AD45863

Surface treatment Aluminum:

Sustainable environmentally friendly chemical pre-treatment.

Enamelling in standard RAL colour, System 7: 5 year warranty, 1-layer polyester powder coating 90 µm. Aggressive load (coastal or industrial area).

Door is equipped with:
- Lock: NEMEF 1523 K5 (lev. JAZO)
suitable for 17mm euro profile cylinder
- Cylinder: single-sided 17mm euro profile cylinder
(not for lev. JAZO)
outside extended by 40mm
heart cylinder 1010.5mm OK door
- Fittings: (lev. JAZO)
outside: Plastic cover 17mm
inside: no fittings
- Plastic cover
- Stainless steel door holder
- Earthing M8 incl. earth wire 25mm² (950mm OK frame)
- Nylon door position limiter
- Thief claws
- Fixing frame: stainless steel wood screw Ø6x80

Features Wert
Pitch 36 [mm]
Build-in depth 25 [mm]
Drag coefficient in 61,6
Drag coefficient out 83,6
Nettflow 27 [%]
pressure loss according to EFD.Pro
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