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Highspeed cutting with Fiberlaser
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Highspeed cutting with Fiberlaser

For cutting in flat plate, symmetrical and asymmetrical profiles JAZO makes use of a Trumpf 3000W Fiber Laser. As part of an advanced process the Stopa warehouse station automatically picks the correct plate size and type and sends it to the machine to be loaded. The loading station picks up the plate and positions it on one of the cutting beds. When unmanned, the same loading station puts the cut product at a pre-selected location in order to continue with the following cutting process.

In addition to cutting in the flat plate, the fiber laser also have the ability to cut (a) symmetrical profiles. A private development that is also used for third party products. Advanced measuring equipment makes it possible to cut with high precision holes and other patterns in a profile. A detecting line allows the repositioning of a previously processed product for a second cutting operation (e.g., after welding).
House developed software converts 3D models into machine-cutting programs


  • Trumpf 3000W Fiberlaser
  • Operation range: 3000x1500 mm
  • Materials: aluminim, steel, stainless steel, copper and brass
  • Detect line
  • Automatic nozzle (nozzle) Changer

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