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Chargepoint Europe BV

JAZO Zevenaar bv focuses on the development of access, ventilation and shielding. In this context, smart compact housings have been developed in close cooperation with Chargepoint Europe bv. Important aspects such as heat management, robustness and aesthetics have been determining factors in the design.

Already in the sixties of the last century, JAZO started with aluminum construction products that aimed for long lifespan and optimal ease of use. From the beginning of this century JAZO tries to bring the product into a circular economy and realize its production with minimal environmental impact. In addition our innovations in the area of charging infrastructure will contribute to a more sustainable circular society.

Chargepoint Europe bv offers the complete solution on the market. All charging facilities from Chargepoint can be modularly expanded with card and checkout systems and monitoring software. Of course, the charging infrastructure can also be extended with sustainable local generation: generating the energy to drive along.


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